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© 2017 Third Skin Limited

This is Hy

A revolutionary wearable

to augment the world

with the power of sound

Hy is a pair of ear-worn computers that use microphones, sensors and sound to connect you to information, entertainment and each other, in ways you’ve never imagined.



Instead of blocking out the world like old designs, Hy's unique earpieces overlay digital audio onto the sounds you can already hear.


Laughter, music, a whispered word, a police siren, a distant cry... sound tells emotional stories about the world around you better than any other sense.


Hy augments your reality with virtual audio and is controlled purely by voice.

And because you can wear Hy all day, they give you a powerful, seamless connection to the digital world.

“Sound unbound by nature becomes bounded by art.”


Talk naturally to a friend, across continents,

like they're sitting next to you

“The telephone did not come into existence from the persistent improvement of the postcard.”

Designed for humans

Battery and processing units are contoured to sit gently and discreetly behind your ears

Effortless earpieces

Hy's wishbone drivers are shaped to sit comfortably in your ears without blocking natural sound.

Hybrid Drivers

Ordinary headphones cannot produce bass without blocking your ears.

Hy uses a combination of air and tissue vibration to provide full-spectrum sound.

All day wear

Hy is designed from the ground up to be worn all day, with battery power to match.

Hy's earpieces connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth and to each other 


Hy contains a suite of microphones, plus storage, so that you can record meetings, lectures, music and more.

And with Hy's continuous 30-second "rewind and record" feature, Hy can remember things for you.


Hy isn't an audio device - it's a situational computing platform.

Heart rate, body temperature, motion, orientation and machine learning capabilities mean that Hy can learn to respond to you - before you know you need it.


Third Skin was founded in 2015 to create futuristic, humanistic hardware, as an antidote to smartphone addiction and information overload.


We're building strategic partnerships and raising investment now, to help us complete and launch Hy in 2019, so that we can enable things people haven't experienced before - and to bring back some basic human experiences we seem to have lost.

If you are interested in working with Hy, we'd love to hear from you.

Get in touch at contact@thirdsk.in