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Hy is a pair of wireless earpieces for music, calls and voice actions.

Hy doesn't block your natural hearing, so you can wear them all day.

This simple feature opens up a world of possibilities for self awareness, communication with other people and interaction with artificial intelligences.

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We set out to design the perfect audio wearable,

and leave old fashioned designs behind.

Ultra low profile

Behind-the-ear design makes Hy virtually invisible from the front and fits beautifully to the contour of your ears

Huge battery life

Hy has over 2.5x the battery capacity of other leading wireless earbuds¹, for up to 12 hours playback

Natural sound

Our wishbone driver² uses a hybrid of air and bone conduction to give you amazing sound, without blocking your ears

All day wear

Place Hy in your ears, and forget it's there until you want to make a call or listen to music

¹ Hy (520mAh) vs. Bragi The Dash (200mAh) 

² GB Patent Application No. 1614883.5

A new kind of speaker

Our hybrid wishbone driver combines

a pair of pro audio balanced armature drivers

for crystal clear mids and trebles,

with piezo flexing elements which

deliver deep bass directly to

the bones of your middle ear

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2×260mAh batteries

Up to 12 hours music playback³

Standard USB Micro-B charging



Heart rate and body temperature

Head motion, including activity tracking

Hy specifications


Bluetooth 4.1 with PurePath binaural interconnect


High quality balanced armature speakers for crystal clear mids and highs

Revolutionary piezo wishbone driver for bone conduction bass

No blocking of natural sound 

High efficiency active noise cancellation

Voice and external microphones

Specifications subject to change

³ Dependent on system usage